Double Weave Pickup


Two Day Workshops

Designed to learn the basics of double weave pickup.  Weave banners, table runners & prayer flags


About the workshop

Pickup weaving is not for the fast weaver, who wants to warp the loom ad weave their fabric off with speed.  

It takes concentration and patience.

This is a hands on weaving class and the majority of the workshop will be spent weaving a prepared sample.

Over the two days we will be exploring double weave pickup up methods.

Using the traditional pickup method and a method I have developed to speed up the weaving and pickup method.


Schedule a Workshop

Contact me for more information  about having a workshop for your Group or Guild.

If travel is necessary, in addition to  the workshop fee, please add transportation cost, housing (can be in a members house or Motel), and meals.

In addition to the workshop fee there is  a materials fee  for the packet of information for each participant.

Links to sites that have held my workshops.

Tangible Fibers Pectonica, Illinois

Tangible Fibers Ellensburg, Washington 

Woodstock Weavers Guild, Woodstock Illinois