Linda J Arndt

Weaver and Fiber Artist

Who I Am

I am a Fiber Artist & Teacher

I started weaving over 40 years ago, and it has been my passion for past 20 years.

Recently I’ve been having some fun by adding felting to my fiber works.

What I Do

My focus has been on weaving prayer flags and banners.  Weavings for the home, fashion & fun weaving.

I teach workshops to weaving groups and guilds.

Where I’ve been

Won Awards in the Blue Ridge Fiber shows in 2014 and 2016.  2014- “Peace in Any Language” , 2016 best of category with “The Horseman” (and more)

My Global Wish

My Global Wish

We are each a thread.

Woven together, we become the fabric of the earth.

Let us Weave Peace

– ljarndt

Guild Memberships: Warp & Weft Weavers Guild, Illinois Prairie Weavers,

Hollow Tree Spinners, Moonspinners, American Tapestry Alliance, Michigan League of Handweavers.

Contact: ljaweaver@yahoo.com